Focus and Scope


The Cepalo Journal Focuses on the comprehensive discussion on the local wisdom and legislation of Lampung Province to the national and international society combining with the legislation and innovative law research to produce high-quality researches. Cepalo highlights the legal concept that is used to understand the regulation of law through its framework. Norms and values that act as guidance of the society's behavior are also a part of Cepalo's scope. In advance of policy, the Cepalo Journal also highlights the pros and cons regarding policies' incompatibility.


The Cepalo Journal scope includes aspects of adat law, regional policy, customary and local wisdoms, and interdisciplinary related to law and legal principles in general to prove the implementation on society and cultural policy. These discussions connect regional government law based on local wisdom and comparative study, interdisciplinary related to law, and legal principles, in general, to prove the implementation on society. The journal encourages contributions on fields that have correlation or interests to the following discussions:

  • Law and democracy
  • Law and culture
  • Local government
  • Authority of the government
  • Ethic law
  • Procurement of goods
  • Refund of compensation
  • Doctor’s legal responsibility
  • Relations of law
  • Rights and obligation
  • Tribal law
  • Indigenous people and rights
  • Adat law
  • Agreement
  • Marriage
  • Society’s faith
  • Knowledge
  • Customs
  • Communication
  • Language
  • Heritage
  • Diversity

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