Focus and Scope


The Administrative and Environmental Law Review's focus is on legal norms and values that discuss state's state administrative law and environmental law in Indonesia in performing obligation and authorization to distribute scientific research. The Administrative and Environmental Law Review covers government activities to promote a manner to enforce the law sequel of concept and principles as a line and ground of plans in professions and leadership execution.


Administrative and Environmental Law Review's scope highlights discussion of application and policy, administrative law and legal principles concepts,  and law enforcement. The journal encourages contributions on fields that have correlation or interests to the following discussions:

  • environmental issues
  • environmental principles
  • legal environment of business
  • international environmental law
  • regulation of air pollution
  • regulation of water pollution
  • regulation of oil and gas industries
  • Labour law/ Employment Law
  • Procedure Law/ Premise Law
  • Water Law
  • Climate Law
  • Immigration law
  • Tax Law
  • International Taxation
  • Environmental Law Dispute Settlement 
  • Labour Law Dispute Settlement  
  • State Finance Law
  • Land Law
  • State institutional Law
  • Spatial Law
  • State Law
  • Natural resources law
  • politics of agrarian
  • Representative international law
  • government authorities
  • state civil apparatus
  • the judgment of the court
  • administration sanction and permit
  • principles of good governance


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