Judicial Oversight on Administrative Decisions in Afghanistan




Administrative decisions in Afghanistan are currently made without the support of written administrative laws or effective mechanisms for judicial oversight due to the national unstable situation from war. This article which is titled “Judicial Oversight on Administrative Decisions in Afghanistan” aims to investigate this issue and propose a dedicated mechanism for judicial oversight. This qualitative research was performed to answer a research question on administrative decisions and its judicial oversight. Desk review method was used, and interviews were conducted with academics in Administrative law. This article also explains the judicial oversight applied by other countries. The findings reveal that Afghanistan lacks an adequate mechanism for judicial oversight of administrative decisions, ruling out the feasibility of adopting models such as the administrative court system seen in France. Afghanistan needs to undergo significant reforms within the judicial system to effectively resolve administrative disputes.  A crucial step is the urgent enactment of an Administrative Procedure Law tailored for the administrative court, aimed at streamlining investigation procedures, reducing court expenses, and improving citizen access to justice, thereby strengthening the rule of law in Afghanistan.


Administrative Acts, Administrative Decisions, Citizens Rights, Discretion, Judicial Oversight


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  • Najibullah Faiez Takhar University, Afghanistan



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