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DOI: 10.25041/cepalo

The Cepalo Journal is a law journal that was established in 2017, it focuses in aspects of regional government law, based on local wisdom and comparative study, and interdisciplinary related to law and legal principles in general to prove the implementation on society. Moreover the Cepalo Journal is opened to all discussions of law, including foreign policy, criminal law, civil law, administration law, constitutional law, international law, and other scopes concerning the law. The Cepalo Journal aims to introduce the local wisdom and legislation of Lampung Province to the national and international society through a comprehensive discussion combining with the legislation and innovative law research to produce high quality researches.
The term “cepalo” comes from Lampung’s traditional language which means, “rules and culture”. Therefore, The Cepalo Journal represents the local wisdom of Lampung Province that is related to customs and rules implemented in Lampung. is willing to open public opportunities in contributing, accessing, and distributing towards society, researcher, student, lecturer, and policy makers. The Cepalo Journal is published twice a year which are January and July. Moreover, the Cepalo Journal is available both print and online.

In 2021, the Cepalo Journal requires English as its main language, and therefore accepts journals only in English.

Current Issue | Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021)

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