The Constitutionale Journal is a scientific media which is the dissemination of research or conceptual studies regarding the study of constitution and constitutional law universally.

The journal Constitutionale publishes articles in the scope of law and the constitution, human rights, statutory law, political law and political parties, state institutional law, electoral law, representative institution law. This journal is a media intended for academics, practitioners, and legal expertise in actualizing research, development and legal and constitutional analysis ideas.

The Constitutional Journal is published by the Faculty of Law, University of Lampung and it is published exclusively in Indonesian, but opens opportunities for research or articles in international languages. This journal is published in two numbers a year (January-June, August-December).

Vol 1, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Anis Musana
Views : 22
Aryanto Sofyan
Views : 6
Hendi Gusta Rianda
Views : 21
Madon Yanuar
Views : 12
Muhammad Fauzul Adzim
Views : 24
Muhtadli Muhtadli
Views : 20