Focus and Scope


The Constitutionale Journal focuses on the dissemination of the constitution and the constitutional law universally.  These discussions are embedded into a territory through an organization, which leads to a group attached with supreme authorization representing the society's accepted values in forms of norms that contributed obligatory rules expressed in the regulations. Furthermore, the Journal Constitutionale functionalizes law to organize social transformation according to dynamic society changes.


The Constitutionale Journal publishes articles that consist of research or conceptual studies regarding the study of Indonesia's constitution and state administration, (local) governmental law, juridical law, constitutional court, and legislation. The journal encourages contributions on fields that have correlation or interests to the following discussions:

  • State’s constitution
  • Election law
  • Governmental law
  • Judicial court
  • Constitutional law
  • Constitutional court
  • Legislation and policy
  • citizen shift
  • Human Right Law
  • Sovereignty
  • Territory and population
  • Clarity, stability, application, and protection of human rights
  • The court of human rights
  • Representative institution
  • Legal system


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