About the Journal

The Lampung Journal of International Law or abbreviated as LaJIL, is an international journal published by the Faculty of Law, Universitas Lampung. The scope of this Journal is the development of international law sciences. LaJIL publishes research and development in the international law aspect.

The background of the establishment of LaJIL Journal focuses on the international law in Indonesia’s perspective. Therefore, the Law Faculty of Universitas Lampung initiated to establish a journal that specifically develops the international law issue. LaJIL publication aims to deliver a significant impact correlating the development of international law generally and provide knowledge of the international law of the sea, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international organization law, international trade and economics law, diplomatic law, international law on dispute settlement, international law on air and outer space, international environmental law, international criminal law, international law on informatics and technology particularly.

In 2021, the LaJIL Journal requires English as its main language, and therefore accepts journals only in English.



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