Focus and Scope


Lampung Journal of International Law focuses on the international law in Indonesia’s perspective on a significant impact correlating international law development. Lampung Journal of International Law also highlights international law's legal subject, which is the holder of rights and international law obligations. Furthermore, the Lampung Journal of International Law focuses on numerous principles, customary rules, and substances aligned with the international law comparing regulations and law institutions from various countries that focus on scientific spectrums. International law recognizes differences and similarities between the laws, specifically the legal system from countries. In advance, the Lampung Journal of International Law discusses the implementation of laws, which is a further action of law enforcement that aims to support law's function and effectiveness.


Lampung Journal of International Law highlights the Legal Subject of international law, the source of international law, comparison of law, implementation of the international law. Moreover, the Lampung Journal of International law provides knowledge of international law both generally and particularly. The journal encourages contributions on fields that have correlation or interests to the following discussions:

  • international law
  • international law and treaty
  • international law of the sea
  • international human rights law
  • international humanitarian law
  • international organization law
  • international trade and economics law
  • Diplomatic law
  • international law on dispute settlement
  • international law on-air and outer space
  • international environmental law
  • international criminal law
  • international law on informatics and technology



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