About the Journal

The Journal of Pancasila Law Review is published by the Faculty of Lampung, Universitas Lampung as a platform of communication and legal science development.

The scope of the Journal and Law Review is the result research or conceptual study of the law, values and meanings contained in Pancasila. Specifically, the Journal of Pancasila Law Review covers on Pancasila in the definition of state, Pancasila as ideology, Pancasila as the source of law, and Pancasila as law values.

The Journal of Pancasila and Law Review is published two issues a year, on January and July . Moreover, the Journal of Pancasila and Law Review is available both print and online. This journal supports research availability, through an open access publication. Therefore, motivation in studies and research are easily acquired which contributes significantly in global knowledge exchange that highlights the Pancasila.

In 2021, the Pancasila and Law Review Journal requires English as its main language, and therefore accepts journals only in English.


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